Traffic Analysis Report

The MRTG site shows the traffic (data packets) on lines connection to the internet.  Scroll through the line reports to view the various districts.

The graphs are instructive:

  • On the Traffic Analysis reports the graphs move from left to right - that is the most recent entry is on the far left - so on the Adaily@ graph you can verify the time and day when the internet use is taking place.
  • On the yearly graph, as on other graphs, the volume of use is recorded as Kilobytes of data (Kb/s) or M for thousand.  A T1 line that connects most districts has 1.5 M or 1500Kb/s of capacity.  As usage approaches capacity the internet connection slows.  If your yearly graph shows your district usage is at 85% or better your connection is slowing and additional capacity is needed.  Capacity can be achieved by: 1. distributing usage during the day; or 2. buying a second line. 
  • For districts the buy a frame relay T1, Jordan Valley and Huntington you have about 1M or 1,000Kb/s capacity.  At Arock you have 56Kb/s capacity. 

This year InterMountain Technology contracted for 12 T1 lines on the DS3 that connects districts to the internet.  All of your T1 lines funnel into the hub site in Ontario where they connect to one or more of the 12 T1's on the DS3 for connection to the internet in Portland.  The graph for the transport lines to the internet show an average of just 4M usage.  We are using 4/12 of our capacity with bursts to 7M.  We will be able to grow for some time with the capacity we have in place now.  (See graph Ontario SD DO to NERO)