Treasure Valley Tech (TVT)

Student Derek Morales uses a grinding wheel as part of the first year pilot welding programThe regional Treasure Valley Technical Initiative is a grassroots effort to address Malheur County’s greatest challenges:  poverty and workforce development.  One of the causes of poverty is our failure to train our children for jobs readily available in our community.  The CTE Program implements programs and provides training designed to foster 21st century career skills and expand access to jobs for our at-risk, underserved and under-represented students. 

This project is a collaborative effort involving key stakeholders from all sectors of the community that has worked to identify and prioritize high-impact levers for change.  Economic growth in Malheur County will be achieved through quality education, better use of available resources, and coordinator of the efforts of business, schools and government with shared outcomes that extend beyond Malheur County.  The impact will be to substantially reduce poverty, improve the lives and futures of our young people and build a vibrant Oregon. 

Automated Control Systems Brochure (PDF)

Automated Control Systems Program Flowchart (PDF)

Allied Health Program Flowchart (PDF)

Manufacturing Technology Brochure (PDF)

Manufacturing Technology Program Flowchart (PDF)