Malheur County Poverty to Prosperity

CTE Accomplishments

After two years Treasure Valley Tech has enrolled more than 100 students from around Malheur County. Three school districts, Malheur Education Service District, and Treasure Valley Community College worked together to create the following programs:

  • Welding/Fabrication (began in 2013)
  • Allied Health (began in 2014)
  • Automated Control Systems (begins fall 2015)

Students in the program receive college credits and pathway certificates. The program indicators have shown to have increased attendance, improved grades and higher graduation rates.

Investing in Solutions

State funding for Career Technical Education is inadequate. This is compounded in Malheur County because rural school districts struggle to deliver CTE programs due to distance, scale and funding.

To sustain our programs we need funding to construct a CTE Training Education Center on the campus of Treasure Valley Community College. The total cost to run programs is estimated at $1.3 to $1.5 million annually, with construction costs of a training education center estimated at $12 million. This facility would provide career technical instruction to high school and college students as well as members of the community, along with business and industry sectors. The center would directly address two of the most important issues facing our region, poverty and workforce development.

Pamphlet (PDF)