Administration and Board of Directors (Mark Redmond), Superintendent

The MESD is governed by a seven-member Board. These board members are elected to four-year terms by regional citizens. Five of the Board members are elected by zone, and the remaining two are elected "at-large” throughout the region. The Board appoints a Superintendent and acts as the policy making body of the ESD. There are two non-voting advisory members appointed to the Board representing employment and social services.

All resolution programs and services require local district and MESD Board approval. The programs and services offered through the "resolution" process must be approved by two-thirds of all component district's school boards and must represent a majority of the enrolled students in the MESD region.

The ESD's general fund is financed primarily by the State School Fund, local property taxes, service contracts, and earnings on investments. Revenues from local education agencies for services provided by the ESD also generate fund dollars. Special funds are financed through state and federal grants, contracted services and competitive grants.

The MESD Board must expend at least 90% of all amounts received from the State School Fund and at least 90% of all amounts considered to be local revenues on services or programs that have been approved by the component school districts.

Board of Directors

Name Zone District Term Expires
Dennis Hironaka  Zone 1 Ontario-Northern  6/30/2021
Les Linegar  (Chair) Zone 2 Ontario-Southern  6/30/2023
Don Bullard Zone 3 Nyssa  6/30/2021
David Westerberg Zone 4 Vale, Annex, Huntington  6/30/2023
Jill Conant (Vice Chair) Zone 5 Adrian, Arock, Harper, Juntura, Jordan Valley, McDermitt  6/30/2023
Don Hodge   Director-at-large 6/30/2021
Cheri Hung   Director-at-large 6/30/2023