There is a $25.00 charge if you are not employed by a district.  You can pay online via PayPal, then please email MaryJane Pierce at to arrange a testing date.

Paraprofessional Test

You must score 70% on each portion of the test (math, writing, and professional knowledge). (Multiple Choice) and you must score 24 out of 36 on the writing portion.

If you do not pass a portion of the test then you may come back and retake that portion of the test for $25.



ODE Website –

Click on Topics –

Click on Testing / Accountability

Click on Testing and Student Assessment

Click on Administration

Scroll about ½ way down the page to SAMPLE TEST and click on that section.

This will give you sample tests in Reading and Math for grades 3 / 5 / 8 / 10.

You can also print out a writing scoring guide to assist you in the writing portion of the test

The Test will take 3 to 4 hours to complete, so we only schedule tests in the morning and no later than noon.  The test is given on demand.  I do like a days notice but if a person calls up early one morning and wants to take the test and I am here then that is fine.

To schedule testing call or e-mail:

MaryJane Pierce @ -- 1-541-473-4821

Topper Schlupe @, --  1-541-473-4834