Kindergarten Innovation Grant

The Kindergarten Innovation Grant is a collaborative effort between Malheur, Baker, and Wallowa counties to raise Kindergarten Readiness scores within the region.  Collectively, 19 entities are working together, giving common formative assessments, data driven professional development, and family engagement.

Workshop Resources:    

Contacts:  Baker County:     Jayn Baird and Melissa Garner

                 Malheur County:  Sabrina Escobedo  Danielle Phillips  Maria Isable Brito

                 Wallowa County:  Alyse Shetler

Kindergarten Partnership & Innovation Sign-In Sheet

Kindergarten Partnership & Innovation Sign-In Sheet Spanish

Pre-Kinder Progress Monitoring Score Sheet 

Pre-Kinder Progress Monitoring Assessment 

Pre-Kinder Progress Monitoring Assessment Accomodations

Social Emotional Activities

Prekinder Scavenger Hunt English

Prekinder Scavenger Hunt Spanish

Safeway Scavenger Hunt

Parent Activities

Little Blue Boy

Conventions of Writing Developmental Scale

10 Things to do With Your Child At Home

Early Literacy Home Checklist

Ready Set Grow Oregon

Environmental Print Handout

Kindergarten Initiative Online Resources

Playing With Your 3-5 Year Old (English)

Kindergarten Readiness Practice Assessment (English)


Ideas for Numeracy

Counting Objects

Number Tracing

Number Match Cut-Outs

In My House Counting

Number Bingo Advanced

Shapes to Know

Let's Talk About Shapes

Fun with Shapes


ABC Maze

All Kids Coloring Letters

Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet Cards

HWT Help Me Write My Name

HWT Capital Letter Formation

HWT Teaching Lower Case Letters

HWT I Can Read Signs

Letter Game Activity

Alphabet Poster (Spanisha and English)

Initial Sounds and Rhyming

Beginning and Ending Sounds Schoolbus

Alphabet Puzzle Set


Spanish Alphabet Charts

Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards (Color)

Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards (Black and White)

Spanish Vocales Packet

Letter Activity Spanish


Playing With Your 3-5 Year Old (Spanish)

Kindergarten Readiness Practice Assessment (Spanish)


HWT Help Me Hold My Crayon

HWT Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Activities

HWT Feelings Are Important






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