Special Education Services and Programs

Teresa Jones, Director of Special Education
Debbie Belnap, Executive Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

The Student Services/Special Education Department at Malheur Education Service District Region 14 helps school districts support students with unique learning needs from birth to age 21.

Districts are supported through training, workshops, technical assistance and direct specialist involvement from initial point of referral through, if needed, the child’s completion of school or age 21.

Program Evaluation Form

Referral, diagnosis, consultation and direct treatment therapy services are provided in the areas of:

Behavior Consultant/Counselor Program

Provides assistance to local districts in the area of behavior evaluations and counseling for students with identified handicaps. A full-time behavior consultant/counselor provides services to eligible students in all schools in Region 14 grades K-12. Additionally, services of a certified school psychologist are provided on a limited basis. Services are directed toward student evaluation, supporting handicapped students with behavioral and emotional challenges. To access a referral form click Counseling Services Referral.

Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Program

Stephanie Navarrete, Early Intervention Coordinator  541-889-8613

This program services children ages birth to five years and acts as a referral point for parents and others who may suspect that a child may need early intervention/early childhood special education services. Eligible students are served in various settings. The range of services include parent training, OT, PT, Speech-Language, audiological and other support services.

Handicapped Learner/Evaluation Team Program

Provides for diagnostic/evaluation services as well as direct instructional services to students meeting Oregon eligibility criteria for special education. Staff work cooperatively with LEA support staff in meeting the education needs of theses students.

Hearing Impaired Program

Provides for the identification and service to students identified as hearing impaired. Services include audiological evaluation, as well as direct instructional services to students, with primary funding provided through the State Region 1 Program.

Occupational and Physical Therapy Program

Provides occupational and physical therapy services to students/children identified as orthopedically impaired as well as other children/students with disabilities as required. Services include screening, evaluation, therapy, and consultative services. Funding is a combination of resolution dollars and State Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education funds, plus Regional Staff.

Severely Impaired Program

Provides limited services to students identified as severely mentally impaired . The inclusion model has resulted in serving more severely handicapped students in regular classrooms, and support programs within individual districts. These funds are primarily to serve small school districts requiring assistance to service these students where unexpected costs may exceed the capacity of the district budget.

Special Education Director/Office Support

Teresa Jones, Director of Special Education - (541) 473-4825
Debbie Belnap, Executive Administrative Assistant - (541) 473-2362

The Special Education Director and staff provide supervision of Special Education Programs/Staff/Services under resolution, district contracts and regional programs as well as provides office/secretarial support. The Director provides special education, 504, American Disabilities Act (ADA) and Talented and Gifted (TAG) services on behalf of small districts. In addition, staff provide Medicaid billing services to all districts.

Speech-Language Therapy Program

Provides for speech-language services to students meeting Oregon eligibility criteria. This includes students with disorders in articulation, voice, fluency and language. Speech-language specialists provide services for all school districts, grades K-12.

Visually Impaired Program

Provides services to students identified as visually impaired. Services include assessment, consultation services and technical assistance to staff and families; instructional services for students as well as assistance to families. This is a high cost service delivery system for children/students with this low incidence disability, with primary funding through State Region 1 Program.