Information Technology

Stefen Maupin, Regional Coordinator - Career, Technical and Secondary Programs

Photo: Network CablesMalheur Education Service District Region 14 contracts with a number of organizations to provide district services under the "technology service" contract.  The technology contract is divided into two primary sections:

  1. Wide Area Network (WAN)
  2. and desktop service. 

Wide Area Network

In general terms, the Wide Area Network portion of the contract provides connectively from the hub site to filtered internet access.  Contracts from this service are let with InterMountian Technology for hub equipment and maintenance and with NERO (Oregon University System) for internet access and lines.  NERO leases line space from light wave and Quest.  We contract for 12 T1 lines (part of the fiber DS3) to Portland.  This bandwidth allows for fast internet response during peak usage.  Video conference transmissions also use this system.  This capacity will allow for growth over the next few years.

Desktop Services

Photo: KeyboardThe second element of the technology contract is for desktop services.  All networked school districts in the county, except Ontario, contract for this service.  This service provides consultation, maintenance, and repair for the Internet Protocol (IP) based equipment within the district.  If it connects to the Local Area Network it is covered.  InterMountain Technology is the contracted vendor for this service.

The desktop support provides for on-site maintenance, repair for computer services, and related equipment.  The primary contact point is a 24/7 help desk.  In a recent school year technicians responded to over 1300 help desk tickets in addition to equipment and software upgrades. 

As a separate agreement with InterMountain Technology E-rate filings with the FCC are made.  The E-rate provides for discounted telephone line and related network expenses, excluding computers.  All districts in the county, with the exception of Ontario, subscribe to this service.  For more information contact Mark Redmond at (541) 473-4824 or e-mail at

Further Information

Equipment Purchasing

InterMountain Technology will work with districts to develop specification for computers and related equipment.  As the need arises a pooled purchase is made to achieve cost savings.  With planning, LAN equipment may be purchased with E-rate discounts. 

InterMountain Technology

InterMountain Technology is a joint venture between Malheur ESD & Intermountain ESD.  InterMountain Technology provides support services to connect all devices that connect to the internet.  That includes services ranging from web page design to voice over IP phones, router configuration to desktop support, E-rate filing to Network design and much more.  These services are provided by a staff of over 60 professionals.

In Region 14, InterMountain Technology contracts with area districts for LAN & WAN operations that connect schools to filtered internet access.  All Networked schools in the region contract for desktop support of hardware except Ontario.

Additionally, services are provided to other governmental and non-profit entities.  This includes TVCC, City of Vale, and Malheur County Cultural Trust. 

InterMountian Technology has an interest in expanding their customer base, they have line space and support staff to meet your needs.  For more information contact Mark Redmond at (541) 473-4824 or

Traffic Analysis Report

The MRTG site shows the traffic (data packets) on lines connection to the internet.  Scroll through the line reports to view the various districts.

The graphs are instructive:

This year InterMountain Technology contracted for 12 T1 lines on the DS3 that connects districts to the internet.  All of your T1 lines funnel into the hub site in Ontario where they connect to one or more of the 12 T1's on the DS3 for connection to the internet in Portland.  The graph for the transport lines to the internet show an average of just 4M usage.  We are using 4/12 of our capacity with bursts to 7M.  We will be able to grow for some time with the capacity we have in place now.  (See graph Ontario SD DO to NERO)


Video Conferencing

Scheduling and Questions

Point to Point Video Conference: A point to point video conference is when 2 sites connect.  One site would dial the other sites IP address.  (Such as Malheur ESD Region 14's IP address is  No outside help is required in making the connection

Multi-Point Video Conference: When more than 2 sites are connected.  This type of video conference must be connected thru Data and Video Services (DVS). 

If you want to join a multi-point video conference or schedule a video conference from the state or anyone else contact Barry Stream at 541-473-4832 or e-mail  and he will coach you through the process.